If You Act Too Desperate You Will Attract the Wrong Attention

If you act as though you will actually take ANY job in Nairobi, then you could easily be offered or coaxed into rather dubious roles including various criminal activities, just to make money. Desperate men can become involved in fraud and desperate women can end up prostitutes. Hey, this could even work the other way around so don’t take this lightly guys! Desperation leads to compromise, compromise leads to acceptance and acceptance, well, by then it’s too late.

Never Pay Anyone for a Job, They’re Supposed to pay You Remember

We have received a few complaints regarding some job offers which turn out to be scams where the job seeker is aksed to pay some amount of money to secure the job an then given an address, in this case, JKIA Airport for a job in cargo/shipping. The people in question travelled from Busia after paying at least 1k to this criminal for an interview and when they arrived at the airport no one knew of any interview and the suspect employer was not available for comment. The job seekers in question were desperate for a job. So desperate they did not question why they were asked to pay money just for an interview. So desperate they found themselves far from home with no job, no money and nowhere to stay!

Don’t be Sucked in Buy Network Marketers

Online riches may sound exciting and too good to be true, and probably are! It is not to say the one can not earn a living onlineand become highly successful as many have and will continue to do. But, an employer does not employ and pay soemone they do not know to work for them online!!! Fact!!! What the promises of online money do generally offer is an opportunity. That’s it. An opportunity to invest in their network marketing idea or their affiliate team to market products on their behalf that may or may not be worth anything to anyone and are often scams that they have been tricked into and want company. Scams or raw deals that they have realised yet and still believe in. What we are saying is that they are not jobs at all and either require upfront investment in terms of money, or in terms of your effort. It is all commission based to put it simply!

This is not to say that you cannot make money online yourself, and you can. But that leads us to another article on How to Earn a Living Online in Kenya.

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Stop Begging for a Job and Start Applying

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Nataka Kazi – Just Will Not Do!

We run a facebook page of the same name where several jobs are posted on a regular basis and we are consistently bewildered by the number of people who literally just beg for a job. “Kazi Yoyote” is a message we constantly get through Whatsapp and facebook and it is no wonder that most of these individuals searching for good job in Nairobi or a job anywhere in Kenya, fail to secure work. What chance would they stand competing on the international stage if the opportunity ever arose to work abroad. We as Africans really need to up our game within ourselves and our work-search environment. Believe in yourself or no one else will and if you have no style, approach or knowledge of how to simply APPLY for a job, you will forever keep pleading those who would never dream of even responding to your outbursts.

Applications Involve a Process if You Believe You Should be Living in a Democracy

I say this because, even though many feel they can bribe their way into a job, most of those begging don’t have the money to explore that option. So, you’ll need to keep it real and fix up or you’ll be job hunting forever.

An application needs to be completed and submitted in accordance with the desired procedures of the employer. You cannot make up your own strategies by hounding everyone in sight, and if you do want to go rogue, at least have an understanding of what is expected of you. All unsolicited approaches, if you must, should be measured and polite. If I am an employer looking for star talent to bring my business to the next level I would be unlikely to show interest in a potential employee who has no preference or care for what he wants to do and no specific skils and/or interests. This will be an employee who will not be able to persevere through the hard times because they have no plan. Instead of asking for ANY job, look for specific jobs and request details regarding the application process. The simple question should be “I am interested in the job on offer. Please tell me how can I apply?” The answer to that question could be to ask more about you, your experience and what you are doing now. That’s when you would take the opportunity to sell yourself. But to blindly beg for any job is tacky and, in fact, dubious to say the least.

Think Business and How You Can Help a Business to Thrive

Have a plan and a vision and make your actions reflect that plan and vision. Look for jobs that support your learning process towards your vision and employers will see a benefit in you. Just because it is not your business does not mean you should have no care how it survives and the owner wants you to behave as though it is your business by paying attention to details and bottom lines. When you work for a business you are a single department within a department that needs to be costed and managed just like all aspects of every business. If you understand and appreciate your potential value to the company, then you will conduct yourself in a manner to increase the profitability of your department, you! How can you be profitable? Well, you can be on time everday for a start since 10 minutes lost everyday can cost thousands of shillings to businesses annually. Thousands of shillings they could have used to pay you! Now you are jobless. So, the lesson here is sell yourself as an asset to their company. Behave like an asset by thinking of ways that you will improve their business by such simple methods as learning to listen and collaborate. Sell this to them along with the skills/interests you have. Turn your passions into transferrable skills. So you’re a musician and have learnt how to play many instruments. Use this achievement to demonstrate to them that you stick to a project to fruition in all that you do. Get the idea?

These are the types of things job searchers in Kenya need to think about when they are looking for the best jobs in Nairobi instead of just begging and sounding so desperate. Because beggars can not be choosers which leads to another article about the Danger of Scammers in the Kenyan Job Market.

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Invest in Yourself to Become an Asset in the Job Market

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The Never Ending Job Search in Kenya

It will not be the first time that one is told that looking for a job in nairobi or Kenya is a long and strenuous task. Job searching in Kenya is made even harder by the endless number of job scams trying to part you from the most important material factor influencing your need for a job in the first place, money. The suffering job seeker in Kenya is often reduced to the search for any job as opposed to being able to search for an actual career with prospects. Finding a career rather than a job often seems like a luxury rather than the norm, compared to in the west where even jobs within fast food establishments are referred to as careers by virtue of management possibilities.

Self Worth is the Key to Finding Your Dream Job

How you view yourself and your skills are very important. Are you a cook or a chef? Are you a driver of a chauffeur? Are you a house help or a personal assistant? How you define yourself within your career will influence how far you will go to improve your skills and who you will dare to approach for a job. You are not just a product of your environment but also the result of your reaction to that environment. If you act like you are worth Ksh15k a month, you will be paid Ksh10k a month or at best Ksh15k.

Invest in your Resume but Invest More in Yourself

While it is important to make you CV or Resume shine like a million dollars, it is no good if this million dollar resume is representing pauper. Think big but invest big in yourself! Not necessarily in terms of money but in terms of experiences and understanding. Research and learn as much as you can about your chosen field of work even if it is not your ideal career, because you never know where it can lead with the right attitude. The cook can become the chef, who became the catering manager and then moved onto regional manager, and then the CEO of Food Industries International Limited. Never limit yourself and invest in your ideas and dreams by putting them onto paper or on screen. When you search for a job look for a partner! When you approach an employer you should want to demonstrate to them exactly how they will integrate your vast skills and experience into their operation. If you have to fake it till you make it just be convincing!

You are a leader, a champion and a value to any business; only if you believe that you are.

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How it Works

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Employers and Recruiters

Jobs in Nairobi is an easy to use reruitment website specialising in the Kenyan market. As an employer/recruiter you simply register as either an employer or recruiter, choose the Free Trial offer after which you can begin posting jobs and browsing resumes from the growing number of registered job seekers. After the trial period you may wish to renew your subscription and purchase one of the offered plans. The system allows you to search job seekers by location as well as by skill set.

Job Seekers

Upload your resume and start adding your skill sets and preferences in terms of whether you are looking for full time, part time or freelance work, and be found by employers and recruiters across kenya and potentially, the world. You can add your location using state of-the-art geo tools embedded into your dashboard. Start of 2016 with a bang!

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Welcome to Jobs in Nairobi

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The One Stop Nairobi Job Search Website

Employers, find your talented workforce at Jobs in Nairobi where good people find the best jobs in Kenya. Search resumes by location if you wish or just browse our job seeker database for potential stars. Job seekers, find your new job here and keep up to date with the latest job offerings in Kenya.